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The FISH GUARDIAN is a product designed to dispense live release formula in a liquid form directly into your boat livewell with the push of a button.  It saves precious fishing time and helps protect your catch instantly.

No more time away from casting, no more time finding the live release formula in your boat, no more clumps and manual dispensing.



Tournament Anglers:  The FISH GUARDIAN assists tournament anglers with a need to be environmental stewards by making a process more automatic to dispense live release formula in a liquid form into their boat livewells without penalizing them by taking away much needed fishing time or creating a mess in their boat.  By installing this product into a boat, you can dispense liquid live release formula into the livewell throughout the day with only the press of a button on the control console.

Most tournament anglers already know the importance of protecting their fish and therefore use powder live release formula.  The FISH GUARDIAN allows this practice to be simplified to enhance time management on the water and assist in protecting their income by avoiding stiff penalties if their catch does not survive until the weigh-in.     

Any Angler: Any angler can benefit from the FISH GUARDIAN  by protecting their catch as well as bait used to catch those monster fish!  If you aren't using a live release formula currently due to the hassle and mess, this product makes protecting your fish EASY!  What angler doesn't want to protect the most precious resource available to the sport so that our children and generations to come can continue to enjoy our favorite sport?



The Aluminum "L" Bracket is only necessary for those occasions when there are no sidewalls available in the battery compartment in which to mount the FISH GUARDIAN tank or the battery compartment is very full and has limited space and therefore the FISH GUARDIAN tank must be mounted to the floor.  Not every angler will have to have this accessory.  But it is available for those that wish to use it out of necessity or preference.   



Watch this step by step video from Owner and Inventor of FISH GUARDIAN to learn how to install a FISH GUARDIAN in a boat with a single or divided livewell.  


  1. Fill boat livewell with water to operating level.  Put livewell valve to recirculate.
  2. Push the waterproof, momentary power button installed on/near the boat dash for three to five seconds to administer liquid live release fluid into the livewell for approximately a 20 gallon livewell dose.
  3. Repeat this procedure each time the boat livewell is refilled or to maintain a bluish green color of water.  
  4. FISH GUARDIAN should administer approximately 30 - 35 three-second squirts 20 gallon livewell treatments before refilling with liquid live release formula.  For best results, periodically check fluid level in the FISH GUARDIAN tank.  
  5. FISH GUARDIAN should be winterized by draining all fluid and flushing with hot water until all liquid sprays clear into boat livewell to maintain the life of the product.  FISH GUARDIAN comes with a one year Limited Warranty (from date of purchase) on all parts and operation.

                                                                                       GOOD FISHING! 

About Us


Rodney Hairgrove

Fish Guardian, LLC is owned and operated by Rodney and Jamie Hairgrove a husband/wife team with a love of the outdoors.  Rodney has been self employed as a full-time professional fishing guide on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes for the past 20 years.  Rodney is originally from Lubbock, Texas and his passion from a young age was catching large and small mouth bass in fisheries around Texas.  He was an avid tournament fisherman in Texas and continues to participate in tournaments when possible in Kentucky. 

Rodney had the skills of an entrepreneur at a young age.  He often was approached to install radios, fix automobiles, and started his own rod and reel repair and lure manufacturing company in Texas.  Due to his entrepreneurial skills and love of fishing, Rodney moved to Benton, Kentucky to start a Bass Pro Shop in Draffenville, KY with a friend from Texas in his early 20's.  

Rodney worked at the Bass Pro Shop and also began his own rod and reel repair inside the store and fished on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes as much as he could.  He got involved in guiding after meeting people in the Bass Pro Shop that wanted information about the lake and hot spots.  This soon turned into a full time career.  Currently Rodney continues to guide full time out of Big Bear Resort ( 


Jamie Hairgrove

Jamie Hinkle Hairgrove is originally from Paducah, KY and took a more business direction in her career which led her into the business operations of the fishing industry.  She graduated from Paducah Tilghman High School in 1992 and then moved to Lexington, KY to attend the University of Kentucky where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology in 1996.  She then moved to Greenville, NC to pursue her Master of Arts degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology where she graduated in 2000. 

Jamie started her career in Human Resources & Education at Lourdes Hospital in August of 2000.   From there she moved from the health industry into the food/drink distribution industry at Coca Cola of Paducah/Hopkinsville as a Human Resources Generalist in September of 2004.  After tiring of the stress of Human Resources, she moved to Mid-Continent University in October of 2005 to become an adjunct professor for the Adult Learning Program.  She taught courses and developed and taught Mid-Continent's first on-line course in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  ​

While she was at Mid-Continent she was asked of her interest in working for FLW Outdoors in a newly created Operations Manager position.  Jamie had always enjoyed fishing as a child and was well versed in the industry from the anglers' perspective due to Rodney's career and so she accepted the challenge.  Jamie worked as Operations Manager for FLW Outdoors from April of 2006 until July of 2007 when she decided to take some time off from her busy career life to become more of a stay-at-home Mom with her daughter Savannah who was about to enter Kindergarten at that time.

After just a few short months of staying at home, she was approached about working for a new company named Professional Anglers Association.   She accepted the position of Operations Manager in October of 2007.  Jamie worked at PAA until January of 2010 when she left to pursue her own business working with her husband on an invention that she knew would be a huge assistance to anglers, conservation and the fishing industry as a whole.  This invention is now known as the Fish Guardian.


Savannah Hairgrove

Rodney and Jamie are excited about this product because they believe that it will benefit anglers, promote conservation, and benefit the sport as a whole.  They are excited to be able to put their knowledge, skills and abilities to work in a product that can benefit so many. ​

Matthew 4:19: And he said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."


CHAD BROCK, USA BASSIN' National Director

"For myself there is no question, the FISH GUARDIAN system is a must for any boat.  The install is quick and easy.  With the touch of a button you can apply your fish meds into your livewell with no mess and at a fraction of the time it takes to apply a powder based product.  Save your fish, save your time, and get yours today."

DAN MOREHEAD, FLW Pro & FLW Angler of the Year

"Rodney, not blowing smoke up your skirt.  That's one of the best options I ever put on a boat!  There is no doubt it will make me money.  I don't want to be without one!"

TIM COOK, Texas B.A.S.S Federation Nation State Conservation Director & 2007 B.A.S.S National Conservation Director of the Year

"I am glad to see a great product like FISH GUARDIAN.  Anglers often are very focused on catching fish during the tournament day and any product that makes fish care easier is a great product in my book!"


"As a competitive angler, fish care is a very important issue for me...1) The better I can care about my catch the more money I can make but 2) It's taking care of the future of the fisheries we get to visit and leaving them better than when we arrived.  FISH GUARDIAN is the simplest and easiest solution to fulfill both of these goals.  Looking forward to help grow the awareness and best solutions for taking care of your catch.  FISH GUARDIAN is the answer!"

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