10 Fancy Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Bang-cut blunt cut: 

Straight-across blunt cut with blunt bangs for boldness.

Side-swept bangs: 

A soft and attractive medium-length hairdo includes side-swept bangs.

Bangs Layered: 

Add style with layered bangs that match your medium-length hair.

Curled Ends:

For romance, curl your hair ends and add delicate bangs.

Feathered Bang

Add elegance to your medium-length hairdo with feathery bangs.

Shag Texture: 

A chic, modern medium-length shag hairstyle with layers and texture.

Layers Choppy: 

Choose choppy layers for medium-length hair for a trendy look.

Cut Asymmetrically: 

Unique and modern, try an asymmetrical medium-length haircut.

Waves of mess: 

Style medium-length hair with sloppy waves for a sleek, casual look.

Chic Ponytail: 

For a chic look, ponytail your medium-length hair.