10 Latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends

1. Floating Vanities

Sleek and modern, these vanities create a sense of openness in the bathroom.

2. Smart Mirrors

Mirrors with integrated technology, like built-in lighting, defogging capabilities, and even touchscreen interfaces.

3. Bold Tile Patterns

From geometric designs to vibrant colors, bold tiles are making a statement in modern bathrooms.

4. Freestanding Tubs

Creating a spa-like feel, freestanding tubs are both luxurious and a focal point in contemporary bathrooms.

5. Open Shelving

Say goodbye to traditional cabinets and embrace open shelving for a more accessible and visually interesting storage solution.

6. Matte Black Fixtures

A stylish and timeless choice for faucets, showerheads, and hardware.

7. Large Format Tiles

Larger tiles with minimal grout lines create a clean and seamless appearance.

8. Statement Lighting

Unique and eye-catching light fixtures can become a focal point in the bathroom.

9. Frameless Glass Showers

Giving the illusion of more space and a contemporary touch to the bathroom.

10. Hidden Toilets

Concealed cisterns and wall-mounted toilets contribute to a streamlined and modern aesthetic.

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