10 Office Hair Styles for Women Over 60

Slim Bob: 

Select a stylish chin-length bob. This traditional office hairdo is both simple to maintain and stylish.

Pixie Style:

A delicate pixie cut with side-swept bangs and light layers is ideal. Professionals will appreciate this stylish, carefree short style.


Layered shoulder-length hair is both versatile and fashionable. Layers add movement and dimension while keeping the length ideal for the office.

French Twist: 

Elegance influenced by France. This professional office updo keeps hair off of your face.

Textured Crop: 

A textured crop with shorter layers is fashionable and youthful. This professional-looking hairstyle adds texture and volume.

Sideswept Bob: 

A deep side part and side-swept bangs enhance the attractiveness of your bob. 

Low ponytail: 

Low ponytails are both fashionable and simple. You can achieve this professional look with hair ties and hairspray.

Modern Shag 

Modern shag haircuts are cool and trendy. This layered design is modern and suited for the office.

Twisted Hair: 

This style keeps your hair out of your face while still adding elegance.

Chignon classique:

Chignons are timeless and exquisite. Try this low bun at the nape of the neck with accessories for a professional look.

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