6  Raised Flower Bed Ideas

Don't Be Square

Raised bed gardening boxes don't have to be square. When it comes to raised flower bed ideas, try working with the space you have.

Incorporate a Bench

Consider incorporating a bench for seating. This flower bed design is tucked in a corner, along a wall with a bench that invites onlookers to take a seat and enjoy the greenery.

Sunburst Flower Bed

Looking for a unique, eye-catching shape for your flower bed without the work of building one? This raised garden bed kit offers endless design options, just add on or reconfigure your garden bed at any time.

Use Rock

This rough-cut, stone flower bed works perfectly with any landscape. Try building this type of flower bed next to a patio to create a sophisticated-looking garden that can be enjoyed while relaxing in your outdoor space.

Keep It Narrow

This urban rooftop flower bed runs along a railing and is narrow, leaving plenty of space for entertaining. A narrow flower bed still allows you plenty of space to grow flowers.

Use Shrubs

Shrubs can be used in raised flower beds, as they give it more texture and can be used as shelter for small birds, lizards and other animals that feast on some insects that may damage your plants.

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