10 Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 60

Edgy Pixie: 

Spiky pixie cuts with choppy layers are elegant yet edgy.

Textured Spikes: 

Modernize with short, disheveled spikes.

Spiky Crop: 

For a volumous, spiky style, overlay a short crop.

Messy spikes: 

Messy spiky hair can look fashionable and carefree.

Spiky Cut:

Tapered haircuts with spikes seem sleek and modern.

Spiky Mohawk: 

Try a mohawk with spiky hair down the middle.

Short Bob: 

Short bobs with spiky layers provide volume and texture.

Punk-inspired spikes: 

Punk-inspired spikes.

Modern Crewcut:

Spiky crew cut with current styling.

Brief Afro: 

Embrace your natural curls with a short, spiky afro.

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