10 Tips to Help You Score Cheap Last-minute Flights

Register for Alerts: Subscribe to airline emails or use travel apps for last-minute deals and discounts.

Flexibility with dates and times is crucial. Weekdays, late-night, and early-morning flights are pricier.

To find the greatest flight discounts, check multiple travel websites or use cost comparison tools.

Package Deals: Booking a flight and hotel together can save money. Search travel agencies and websites for packages.

Consider Alternative Airports: Nearby airports may have cheaper flights, so you may save by traveling further.

Airlines often post last-minute specials or flash sales on social media. Watch for these deals.

Take use of your frequent flyer miles or points for last-minute trips.

Try Last-Minute Sales: Airlines sometimes cut costs for unsold seats near departure. Watch for such bargains, but book quickly as they're limited.

Sometimes two one-way tickets are cheaper than a round-trip fee, so compare prices before booking.

Deal with Airlines Directly: Calling the airline and asking about last-minute offers or special pricing sometimes work, but not always.

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