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10 Trends Gen Z Loves That Boomers Can't Wrap Their Heads Around

TikTok: Gen Z's obsession with short-form videos on TikTok is something Boomers often find baffling.

VSCO Girls: The VSCO girl trend, with its emphasis on scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, and environmentalism, is one that Boomers might struggle to understand.

Gender Fluidity: Gen Z's acceptance and celebration of gender fluidity is a concept that many Boomers find difficult to grasp.

Cancel Culture: The idea of "canceling" someone for problematic behavior is a trend that Boomers might find overly harsh or confusing.

Memes: The rapid and ever-evolving nature of internet memes is something that Boomers often struggle to keep up with.

E-Boy and E-Girl Fashion: The bold and often unconventional fashion choices of E-boys and E-girls can be confusing for Boomers who are used to more traditional styles.

Instagram Stories: The concept of temporary, disappearing posts on Instagram is something that Boomers might find unnecessary or confusing.

Climate Strikes: Gen Z's passion for climate activism and participation in events like the global climate strikes is something that Boomers might not fully understand or support.

Digital Nomadism: The idea of working remotely and traveling while doing so is a trend that Boomers might find difficult to relate to, given their more traditional views on work and travel.

Streaming Services: The shift away from traditional cable TV to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu is a trend that Boomers might find hard to adapt to, given their familiarity with traditional TV viewing habits.

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