10 Trendy Short Spiky Haircuts for Women Over 60

Pixie Cut: 

Spiky pixie cuts with textured layers are trendy and low-maintenance. Your look becomes fresh and edgy.

Tapered spike: 

Choose a short haircut with tapered sides and back and a longer top for spiky texture. This style is trendy.

Messy spikes: 

Messy spikes are more casual. Texturizing products add volume and a disheveled, spikey look.


Spike your center hair to create a mini-mohawk. Shave or trim the sides for an edgy look.

Side-swept spikes: 

Sweep your hair spikes to one side instead than straight up. It softens and adds elegance.

Short, Textured: 

Short, textured hair looks lively and youthful. Create spikes with a styling product.

Spikey Pompadour 

Style your top hair forward for a spikey pompadour. Use a strong-hold gel or mousse for height and structure.

Spiky Bob: 

Layered bobs with spiky texture are good for longer hair. This hairstyle is fashionable and volumous.

Choppy Spike 

Choppy layers and spikey endings are best. Modern and edgy, this style has texture and movement.

Feathered Spikes: 

Layer short hair for feathery spikes. This hairdo softens the spikes.

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