11 Frugal Choices Boomers Regret Not Doing Growing Up

That you should stay with your parents as long as possible and not worry about what other people think of you.

Live With Your Parents

 If you can avoid getting used to that taste, your life won't be any worse, and you won't have to pay for the benefit.

Avoid Acquired Taste

Pick whatever interests you and learn how to do it yourself. Then, when things are hard, you can use these skills to stretch your money further."

Learn DIY

One person said they spent $60,000 on a useless law degree at a university. They said that if you put that money into a simple index fund, you would get $155,000 back.

Skip College

Talk money with your romantic partner to see if they have the same goals and ideals as you.

Talking About Money With Your Partner

"When you're young, you want so much." "People don't realize how much stuff is promoted through advertising and your social network."

Stop Buying Unnecessary Stuff

Buying a new car is tempting, especially once you graduate high school or get your first job.

Buy a Used Car

Good quality shoes can go far compared to cheap ones made from poor materials.

Buy Quality Shoes

This person suggests that you start investing early and don't try to time the market.

Buy A House

"STOP BUYING AN ENDLESS AMOUNT OF CLOTHES!" Instead, they complained that people wouldn't wear half of them and would rather save $20,000 instead.

Avoid Fashion Trends

It's easy to live better when you get a pay raise. But one Reddit user says, "Just try to keep your living the same.

Maintain The Same Lifestyle