7 Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk

Wrist and Finger Stretch

While sitting, take the fingertips of one hand into the palm of your other hand. Extend that same arm forward, at shoulder-height, and gently pull your fingers down toward the back of your wrist until you feel a slight stretch.

Seated Tadasana

Reach your arms above your head, stacking wrists over shoulders. Work to straighten your elbows as much as possible, but know it’s okay if there’s a bit of a bend.

Seated Side Stretch

From tadasana, extend your right arm toward the left side of your body, finding as much length as possible from right hip to right armpit.

Chair Stretch

Bring your feet about hip-width distance apart, and bend your knees. Sit your hips down and back, as you bring the weight of your body to your heels.

Shoulder Opener

This shoulder stretch variation is easy-to-do at your desk. Move away a few feet, and stand with your feet apart.

Forward Fold

From shoulder stretch, drop your arms to the floor, along with the top of your head.

Dancer’s Pose

From a standing position, bend your right knee and kick your right heel toward your glutes.

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