Top 12 Surreal Curly Blonde Hairstyles


Today, short, naturally coily, and kinky hair with blonde colour is trendy. It belongs on your top haircuts list. To get the look, color just the tips and leave the roots black for a dramatic shadow. 

Short-Cropped Blonde Fro


Add loose curls to your blonde bob for a sensual look. A texturizing spray keeps curls fresh, bouncy, and healthy.

Curly Golden Blonde Bob


Curls make thin hair seem full. Try these sloppy curls instead of pristine ringlets. Before curling your hair using heat tools, spray on heat protectant.

Cute Messy Curls


Half crowns are ideal for curly blonde balayage hair. Pin back pieces of braided hair on both sides. Make the braids sloppy and voluminous by pancake them.

Braided Half Crown


Tease your hair and put a bouffant on top. Add volume and height to your locks. Fold the curls inside and pin them behind, letting the ends fall out.

Short Curly Updo


A half ponytail looks great with curly hair, but a Dutch braid adds a little something more. This makes your haircut bohemian chic. A flowing maxi dress looks great with it.

Braid And Half Ponytail


Take a portion of hair from each side and braid it. Wrap front hair in a half top knot. Wrap braid ends around bun foundation. Spray your hairstyle with hairspray.

Braided Half Top Knot


Curly hair makes boho braids appear great and complement your features. The flowers give this haircut a wild kid look. Consider this hairdo for a bohemian beach wedding.

Boho Crown Braid


There are two methods to get this look. First, sweep your hair back and knot it in a loose, mid-level ponytail. Finish the style by top-tying the ponytail twice or thrice. 

Flipped-In Ponytail


Curly hair is romantic, let's face it. Though hard to pinpoint, it's there. Any updo will look great with curly blonde hair.

Romantic Updo

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