Common European Behaviors That Americans Just Can’t Wrap Their Heads Around

Europeans are accustomed to legally mandated paid vacations from work of four weeks (or more) annually and can even take this leave concurrently.

Long Vacations

Some Europeans are more comfortable with PDA than Americans, notably in France, Italy, and Spain.

Public Displays Of Affection

How often have you visited a U.S. firm closed for a 2-hour lunch? Probably never! In many European countries, especially Mediterranean ones, companies close for lunch or a nap.

Closing For Lunch

Walking and cycling are important in European city life, particularly in cities like Brussels and Amsterdam.

Cars Not Taking Priority

European cuisine may not suit fast eaters. Multi-course banquets spread over several hours with plentiful wine are common in many European countries.

Multi-Course Meals

In some European countries, Sundays are designated for rest and family time, and most businesses, except restaurants and entertainment venues, are banned from being open on Sundays

Sunday Shopping Ban

Even in casual contexts, Europeans use titles like ‘sir,’ ‘madam,’ and ‘doctor’ to address people. Titles can look stiff and pretentious in informal American culture.

Formal Titles

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