7 Jobs That Will Pay You For Doing Basically Nothing

This job is the best if you are looking for a quiet position with decent pay. At night, it’s rare for issues to arise (depending on the location.) In many cases, you’re basically babysitting a building.

Night Shift Security

You can get hired by mattress and blanket companies to test out their products before they go commercial. Literally, getting paid to sleep…sounds like a dream!

Professional Sleeper

You get paid to be on the floor with the servers to ensure they run correctly. If one happens to break, you change the server or repair it

Server Farm

Being in a rural town means that most of the time, not too much is happening. You may have to go out for a few calls, mostly medical, but for the most part, you’re being paid to wait for a call to occur.

Rural Firefighter

NASA does a lot of testing before they implement technology for space launches. At one point, there were positions for people to lay around in a bed so they could study muscle loss.


Being a concierge at a building can require minimal work. You will collect parcels and mail and deal with minor customer service duties for those who live in the building.


Pet sitting is mostly easy. Depending on the customer, you may have to walk a dog or clean a litter box, but you'll usually get paid to keep the animal company in the house.

Pet Sitter

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