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7 Top Italian Cruise Destinations

The Amalfi Coast has it all—beautiful coasts, golden sands, attractive towns, ancient historic attractions, and la dolce vita.

Amalfi Coast

From Monti's sophisticated cuisine and nightlife to Trastevere and Parione's old buildings and trattorias, the capital offers a magnificent mix of old and new Italy.


Venice, on a wide lagoon and traversed by dozens of bridges over its canals, is one of the most beautiful Italian cities. Century-old buildings with colorful facades, many of which are Venetian-style, border its waterways, creating a varied cityscape.


Another famous Italian island, Sicily, borders Sardinia in the Mediterranean. Like Sardinia, it features picturesque cities, beautiful landscapes, and some of the country's best culture and history.


One of Italy's most popular summer getaways is Sardinia, six hours via ferry from Civitavecchia. Cala Goloritzé and the Costa Smerelda are among its many beautiful beaches, popular with visitors and Italians.


The Italian Riviera's emerald waters and pastel-colored cities make it different from the Cinque Terre and Amalfi Coast, Italy's most recognized coastal location.

Cinque Terre

Naples is a fascinating city with a bustling and tumultuous atmosphere, gorgeous surroundings like Mount Vesuvius and an azure bay, and unique architecture.


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