8 Easy heatless School Hairstyles

Take a high or low ponytail, twist it, and wrap it around the hair tie to make a bun. Use bobby pins for a disheveled, effortless style.

Messy Bun

Make little braids near your ears on either side, pull them across your head, and secure them with bobby pins. A braided headband results.

Braided Headband:

Leave a tiny portion of hair out of your ponytail. For concealment, twist and wrap the little part around the hair tie. Bobby-pin it.

Twisted ponytail

Split your hair into top and bottom portions. For a playful style, twist each portion into a bun and secure with hair ties or bobby pins.

Half-Up Space Buns:

Secure a simple three-strand braid on one side of your head with an elastic. This fast style keeps hair off of your face.

Side Braid:

Divide your low ponytail with two pieces. Cross small parts from each side to make a fishtail braid. Secure elastically.

Dirty Fishtail Braid:

Create a top knot by twisting and wrapping your hair around the base of a high ponytail. For a relaxed style, secure with bobby pins

Top Knot

Make two equal ponytail portions. Twist both pieces in one way, then the other. Secure elastically.

Ponytail rope twist:

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