9 American Clothing Brands to Stay Away From Buying

Forever 21

Their fast-fashion appeal and affordability might tempt you, but past allegations of sweatshop conditions could tarnish the brand’s reputation, potentially affecting resale values.

Urban Outfitters

The brand’s history of culturally insensitive products could make some of their items less desirable in the resale market, diminishing the return on your purchase.

Gap Inc.

Past links to child labor and criticisms over supplier factory conditions might affect the perception of the brand’s quality and ethics, making certain items a riskier investment.

American Apparel

With past controversies surrounding their CEO and provocative advertising, the brand’s reputation has seen highs and lows, making its long-term value less predictable.

Abercrombie & Fitch

Their exclusivity, including choosing “attractive” people and contentious statements from their former CEO, may hurt the brand's universal appeal and resale value.

Lululemon Athletica

Product recalls due to quality concerns (like sheer material) might make potential buyers skeptical about the brand’s durability and worth.

Victoria’s Secret

Its controversies surrounding women's depiction and ties to Jeffrey Epstein may dissuade people from buying its luxury underwear.

Fashion Nova

Allegations of underpaid labor may hurt the brand's resale business among ethical fashion buyers.

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