9 Boho Bathrooms To Inspire Your Self Care Sanctuary

Add An Area Rug

A vintage carpet instantly warms up the cold tile floors in this mostly white space.

Use Complementary Colors

Use the color wheel to your advantage when choosing vibrant colors for a boho bathroom.

Designate A Seating Area

Nothing says luxury like a bathroom with its own sitting area.For a boho style, use rattan, bamboo, and carved wood and lots of plants.

Have An Accent Wall

Not a fan of wall-to-wall color? That's okay! You can still achieve a boho look by designating one wall as a vibrant accent wall.

Try An Allover Pattern

Boho design emphasizes pattern. A powder room is a good spot to try a statement wallpaper because it won't be overbearing.

Use Natural Materials

A boho bathroom can still be a minimalist bathroom. Pared-down bohemians can opt for neutral shades and natural textures.

Let Nature In

Boho design is all about embracing nature, so why not open up your bathroom to the literal outdoors?


Metal, wood, fabric, and more—bring them on! Layering textures is the easiest way to get a boho bathroom.

Use Warm Tones

Good light is essential for a spa-like boho bathroom. If you have plenty of sun streaming in, use it to your advantage.