9 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Live a Long Life

1. Stop Eating Processed Foods

Processed foods contain chemicals and preservatives that have been shown to cause cancer and other chronic medical problems.

2. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

A study came out several years ago that stated 1-2 glasses of red wine per day is heart-healthy. More recent evidence proves this relationship to be weak.

3. Stop Overeating or Eating Too Late

In a hurry, we eat too fast and don't realize how full we are, or we eat late at night and go to bed.

4. Do yourself a favor; stop smoking.

Exercise is one of the most important contributions we can make toward our health. We need just 30 minutes per day to make a difference.

6. Stop Taking Things For Granted

Everyone talks about practicing gratitude. That’s because being happy with what you have is the best way to stay happy.

7. Stop Cheating Yourself Of Sleep

Need 8 hours of continuous sleep per day. Sleep is needed to relax, reduce stress and despair, and prevent chronic diseases.

8. Stop Stressing

Chronic stress likely causes all our issues. Stress from life events, employment, lack of sleep, and poor diet can impair our health.

9. Stop Isolating Yourself

Staying social can be a good longevity booster, helping you manage stress and strengthening your immune system.

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