Airfare Prices Expected to Remain High

Southwest Airlines' CEO predicted airfare rates will undoubtedly rise more.

In his second quarter earnings call, CEO Robert Jordan, who took over in February, cited increasing prices, salaries, and fuel issues,

but claimed demand remains high, resulting in greater costs, according to TheStreet.

"Looking ahead, demand remains strong," Jordan announced. "We continue to experience both inflationary pressures and headwinds

"Consumer and business sentiment is down, and there are data points out there that could indicate early signs of a slowdown," he wrote.

However, demand is high, and our business hasn't suffered. We'll monitor the environment and respond as appropriate."

It's a big achievement to return to pre-pandemic workforce levels in May 2022. We're hiring pilots and plan to add over 10,000 personnel

this year due to attrition "Jordan Improved staffing, training and front-line experience, more short-haul flying to stabilize networks, and more flying 

"We know we have work to do on the efficiency side as we focus on 2023, and we're laser-focused on walking down fleet and capacity

The latest U.S. Consumer Price Index shows airline rates up more than 42% in the past year. Airfares climbed 0.8% from August to September

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