Burger King Unveils a New Tagline and Jingle

Ready for another jingle to haunt you for a decade? Burger King hopes so! After 40 years, the chain is remixing its 1970s hit "Have it Your Way"

Burger King wants to "reclaim the flame" by attracting younger generations, so it put customers at the center

of its new campaign. It's about taking charge of your life, making your own decisions, and ordering BK your way.

"Advertising, at its best, is most relevant to people when you celebrate them first, not the brand," says OKRP CEO Tom O'Keefe, who created

the new campaign. They can feel like winners with Burger King as a modest treat to brighten their day. Regardless of whether you recall the old jingle

Therefore, the restaurant has announced that "You Rule" will be its new tagline, building on its decades-old "Have It Your Way."

"It embodies our purpose, embraces individuality and elevates Have It Your Way—something our brand has always been known for—beyond

pure product customization," says Burger King North America president Tom Curtis. "This campaign celebrates our brand equities and delivers on our brand purpose

The chain's news release states that the new messaging will appear in advertising and stores. The firm recently announced a $400 million investment