Can Eggs Improve Cognitive Function? 

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Many reasons exist to start eating eggs daily. They may reduce inflammation, increase muscle, and boost immunity.

Eggs may increase cognitive function, which may satisfy your brain, according to a recent study.

Nutritional Neuroscience released a study with 79 18-75-year-olds. Participants underwent cognitive function tests throughout the trial.

The results showed that eating eggs and egg protein hydrolysate NWT-03 did not increase psychomotor vigilance but did improve anti-cue reaction time.

"This is a very interesting study because it delves deeper into eggs' beneficial chemical makeup and how egg protein hydrolysate, 

which breaks down egg protein, may be healthy," says Kiran Campbell, RD, of Eat This, Not That! It suggests NWT-03 hydrolysate

can boost executive function. Self-regulation, creativity, attention span, reasoning, working memory, inhibitory control

"However, while the findings are positive and promising, it's difficult to say whether the benefits are solely from egg protein, as eggs have other

 components that benefit brain health and cognitive function," Campbell explains. This is in the egg yolk. For years, we thought eating too many whole eggs

especially the cholesterol-rich yolk, was unhealthy. Over the past decade or so, we've learned that cholesterol levels are unrelated to nutrition.

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