Costco Is Facing a Lawsuit Over Its Treatment of Rotisserie Chickens

Costco members appreciate the rotisserie chickens, a warehouse highlight. In 2015, CFO Richard Galanti

stated the company offers the birds at a loss to keep members coming back since they are big, delicious, and $4.99.

While the corporation has kept the item low, others have wondered if there were other charges. A complaint alleges that Costco violated livestock welfare rules by raising hens too big

The June 13 complaint represents two Costco stockholders and references Mercy for Animals' hidden camera study in Los Angeles. The

2021 footage shows Costco's "cheap chicken."'s hidden cost. Nebraska and Iowa livestock welfare rules prohibit the facility from rearing hens

abnormally. The lawsuit claims the birds in the facility become so fat they can't stand to reach food or drink, causing dehydration or starvation and death.

The lawsuit says these hens' deaths are intentional. Costco admits to breeding too-large chickens. It identifies

executives who know about the abuse but ignore it. Costco's rotisserie averages three pounds, compared to Walmart's two.