Dangerous Side Effects of Eating Too Many Eggs

Eggs have high levels of dietary cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol doesn't alter everyone's blood cholesterol levels, although diabetics may be more susceptible.

The link between dietary cholesterol (particularly egg cholesterol) and cardiovascular disease has long been debated.

Egg allergies are prevalent, especially among children. Eating too many eggs might cause adverse reactions like hives or anaphylaxis.

Avidin, a protein in raw egg whites, binds to biotin, reducing its absorption. Overeating raw egg whites can cause biotin insufficiency

Raw or undercooked eggs might contain Salmonella. Too many raw or undercooked eggs might cause foodborne disease.

Weight Gain: Eggs are nutritious, but eating too many may cause weight gain.

Relying on eggs for a big part of your diet may cause nutrient imbalances. A diversified and balanced diet ensures a wide spectrum of nutrients.

Eggs' high cholesterol levels may interfere with medicine absorption, according to several research. Talk to your doctor about medication interactions.

Saturated Fat Intake: Frying eggs with butter or oil increases saturated fat intake, which may harm cardiovascular health.

Iron Absorption Interference: Eggs contain non-heme iron, which is less easily absorbed than heme iron from animal sources.