Domino's Launches Pepperoni-Stuffed Cheesy Bread

Domino's has a huge menu including pizzas, pastas, and wings, but it's never attempted one combo until now. Domino's Pizza will launch the Pepperoni Stuffed Cheesy Bread nationwide.

Fans of the famed pizza company may know that establishments sell a comparable product. Domino's signature oven-baked Stuffed Cheesy Bread features cheddar, mozzarella, and Italian flavors since 2011.

Garlic and Parmesan make it more than cheese and bread. Domino's is making the meal better with pepperoni.

Customers may purchase Pepperoni Stuffed Cheesy Bread online or in-store and get eight breadsticks. The new product may be eaten as a meal or shared as an appetizer.

Domino's Pizza offers loaded, cheesy bread in many flavors, including spinach and feta, bacon and jalapeño, and the classic. Since their 2011 premiere, these cheesy offers have remained solid menu staples.

Domino's added the breads as a promotion after noting other restaurants were limiting cheese in their cheesy breads.

Domino's senior vice president, expressed regret for not introducing a pepperoni option earlier in an August 21 news statement. "Our No. 1 pizza topping on Stuffed Cheesy Bread was a no-brainer," she added.

Based on the great ratings of previous cheesy bread variations, we believe the Pepperoni Stuffed Cheesy Bread will also be successful.

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