Eye-Popping Dutch Braid Hairstyles For Women To Try

Brush one side and weave a Dutch braid from front to back of head, letting the bottom flowing. Repeat on the other side and tie both braids in a low ponytail.

1. Double Dutch Braids With Low Ponytail

Backcomb the front mane and separate two braiding parts. Use ribbon to Dutch braid one portion. Do the same in the other part. When halfway done, join both braids into one.

2. Ribbon Dutch Half Updo

Remove hair knots with a brush. Part hair on the side and divide it into two. Add colored hair extensions to one part and Dutch braid from front to back.

3. Slanted Double Dutch Braids

Split your hair in half. Detangle hair and apply colored extensions with a neat comb. Start a Dutch braid on one part of hair and add side strands. 

4. Colored Dutch Braids

Middle-part your hair and divide the portions. Comb all sides and clip one part. Start with a Dutch braid on one side and add mane strands from the unclipped side.  

5. Double Dutch Braids With Low Bun

Divide the hair into five thick and thin pieces using the pointed end of the rat-tailed comb. Apply colored hair extensions to all parts. Dutch braid the heavier portions front-to-back and cornrow the thinner ones.

6. Multiple Dutch Braids With Braided Bun

Part hair in two with a side parting. A loose Dutch braid from front to nape on one part. Repeat the instructions for the other portion and attach the nape braids.  

7. Messy Double Dutch Braid

Brush away tangles. The pointed edge of the rat-tailed comb divides hair into four pieces. Front-to-top Dutch braid. Repeat the process for the remaining portions. 

8. Multiple Dutch Braids With High Ponytail

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