Glow and Glam: Candlelit Table Settings

Choose unscented varieties in various sizes for a cohesive look. Use candlesticks, tea lights, and votives.


Match candleholders to your theme—wooden for rustic, metallic or crystal for formal. Vary heights for visual interest.


Opt for neutral or dark tablecloths and napkins. Add texture or patterns for visual appeal.


Place mirrors or metallic items to amplify candlelight. Consider trays or chargers for added elegance.

Reflective Accents

Integrate flowers, greenery, or stones for a touch of nature. Floating candles in water add a unique element.

Natural Elements

Adjust room lighting to a dim setting. String lights or fairy lights enhance the overall ambiance.

Dim Lighting

Secure candles in holders to prevent accidents. Consider flameless LED candles for a safer option.

Safety First

Add name cards, favors, or thematic decorations for a unique and personalized touch.

Personal Touches

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