Gross Foods Only Baby Boomers Still Think Are Cool


This particular culinary preparation consists of marshmallows, canned fruits, and coconut, which may potentially induce discomfort in those belonging to the millennial generation.

Ambrosia Salad


Have you ever immersed fruits and vegetables inside a cohesive and quivering substance composed of gelatin? I decline to engage in this task.

Jell-O Salad


Despite its high fiber content and other health advantages, this cereal is unable to overcome its negative perception of being bland or tasteless.

Bran Cereal


A salad composed mostly with a mayonnaise alternative? No, I appreciate your offer but I decline.

Miracle Whip Salad


The diminished popularity of this particular protein can be attributed to its robust taste, resilient texture, and somewhat unappealing aroma when

Liver and Onions

compared to alternative protein sources that present more delicate flavors and gratifying textures.


Vienna sausages have seen a decline in popularity among younger cohorts owing to their highly processed composition and gelatinous consistency.

Vienna Sausage


Sugar substitutes were more popular throughout the baby boomer period as a means of indulging in sweet treats without experiencing feelings of guilt. 

Sugar Substitute


An unconventional combination that has found its way onto the breakfast table.

Cottage Cheese with Pineapple


Boomers enjoy it, but Gen Z doesn't. Despite the health dangers, this typical lunch favorite, prepared with white bread, ketchup, mayo, or mustard, is simple to prepare for boomers.

Bologna Sandwich

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