How Cool Are These Unusual Winter Activities?

Chamonix in the French Alps is famous for this thrilling winter sport that combines paragliding and skiing at high speeds. Beware of flying off the handle.


Skijoring involves cross-country skiing with a dog in soft snow for a belly rub. Go on 'walks' with your pet in the Rocky Mountains in Canmore, Alberta.


An American snowkiting school in Utah's Ogden Valley is known for its brilliance. You only need a power kite and a daring spirit.


The Finnish lakes of Kuusamo attract dangerous wannabe F1 drivers whose only goal is to race around a frozen circuit and hit the competition.

Ice Karting 

Horse power means this! Team skijoring involves a charger. Skijoring originated at Lake St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Horseback Skijoring

St. Moritz's frozen lake hosts the White Turf winter races for three weekends in February. In addition to skijoring, the sport includes flat-racing and trotting.

Horseback Skijoring

Harness racing at White Turf is designed for cold winter conditions. The cart has skis instead of wheels.

Harness Racing 

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