Designers Actually Love This Cheap Fence Idea

Reclaimed Wood

Sustainable and cost effective, reclaimed wood is one of the best materials to use if you want to add character to your garden fence. This is a great look for coastal homes or modern homes that want mix old and new styles.

Chicken Wire

Great for protecting yards and gardens from critters and wildlife, chicken wire is also great for reining in crawling vines and ivies.


Often touted as part of the grown-up dream, picket fences are quaint and timeless. While not suited for enclosing large acreage (or large pets), picket fences are ideal for smaller yards and suburban neighborhoods.

Split Rail

Because of its sparse appearance, split-rail fences require less material than full-plank fences do and therefore cost less. This minimalist fence style is also a great option for farmhouses and ranch homes.

Wrought Iron

Regal and ornate, iron fences are often used because of their weather-resistant make and high-end appearance. They are also more sustainable than wood and more durable than wire.


If you prefer a secret garden type of backyard, opt for full trellis fencing and allow your greenery to take over. Note: It will take some time for the ivy to grow, so this fencing option isn't one of instant satisfaction.

Corrugated Metal

Strong and industrial, corrugated metal is a great fencing option for those who want a lightweight material that's both mold and rust resistant. It coordinates perfectly with modern-style homes.


Beloved for the privacy they provide and the shapes they can be pruned into, hedges are a great fence option for people who have an ample amount of space.

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