KFC Is Bringing Back a Popular Dish We Haven't Seen Since 2019

Save your finger sporks! KFC has good news for fried chicken fans who value side dishes as much as chicken. Especially if you love its Mac & Cheese.

Remember when KFC turned its most popular side, macaroni, into a meal in 2019? Chain does it again!

KFC's Mac & Cheese Bowls are back after three years due to popular demand.

The new dish would have crunchy popcorn chicken bits on creamy macaroni topped with additional cheese. The dish comes with smokey Nashville hot sauce-coated

Perhaps the nicest part is that the bowls will cost $5, almost the same as when we first saw them in 2019. Before, that price included a

medium drink and cookie; now it's just the bowl. It can be eaten with fries and a medium drink for an additional price.

KFC emphasizes the benefits of these "abundant" bowls most. "This meal is the epitome of hearty goodness and un-BOWL-eavable value at $5 for a limited time,

The bowls will be available at KFC outlets nationwide on July 18, but committed fans can get a sneak peek. Digital orders through the chain's app or website

can now include Mac & Cheese Bowls. Free delivery is available through July 24 on these channels.