Main Character Syndrome Symptoms

The term "main character syndrome" was popularized by a younger generation, mostly on TikTok, to describe self-centered, self-promotional persons who see others as supporting actors or extras while they are the headliner.

What is it? 

Do you always tell friends, family, coworkers, and loved ones about your troubles and get emotional support? Do you answer how you are but fail to ask how they are?

Everything revolves around your issues

People with main character syndrome prefer to provide a false image of themselves online to look better and to meticulously cultivate their online persona to reflect their vision as this main character. 

You try to perfect your life

Main character syndrome sufferers are controlling and may lash out at anyone who contradicts their image or cut them out if they don't fit. They want to decide where to eat, play music, publish photos, etc.

Your control

Main character syndrome sufferers are horrible at absorbing criticism and jokes because they work so hard to portray themselves and their lives.

You can't handle criticism

People with main character syndrome always act like others are watching, looking camera-ready. Always attempting to show your “good side” to onlookers?

Your appearance is usually refined

Main character syndrome frequently manifests as seeking accolades, oversharing online, or worrying about likes.

You want attention

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