McDonald's Is Testing a New, Extra-Large Chicken Sandwich

If you've ever wanted a McDonald's McChicken Sandwich bigger, you may be in luck. My favorite fast-food

chain is trying an extra-large version of the classic menu item. Grand McChicken Sandwiches may soon be available.

Featuring shredded lettuce and mayo on a toasted bun, the Grand McChicken Sandwich is essentially identical to the original, smaller form. 

McDonald's stated, "McDonald's is always looking for ways to give fans more of what they're craving,

and the Grand McChicken will offer customers a new way to enjoy the McChicken they already know and love."

Don't rush to your local McDonald's to order one of these new hunger-busting sandwiches—it's only available at specific locations. It is currently 

available as a limited-time item in Bakersfield, Chico, Fresno, Sacramento, and Nevada, including Reno. If the Grand McChicken sells 

If you live in one of the test areas, you can have a Grand McChicken Sandwich for lunch or supper at the restaurant or drive-thru.

After the Grand Big Mac and Chicken Big Mac, McDonald's introduced the Grand McChicken Sandwich. Perhaps a Grand Filet-O-Fish and Grand McNuggets

There are no exact details on the new sandwich, but it will likely have more calories than the original. The pricing may also disappoint some customers

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