Not Water, This Hydrating Beverage Lowers High Blood Pressure

According to Circulation's 2023 report, 47% of Americans have high blood pressure.

 High blood pressure stresses the heart due to excessive blood pressure in your arteries.

Too much salt and not enough potassium in your diet can also cause high blood pressure. 

 High blood pressure patients should eat more potassium, according to the American Heart Association. Potassium balances salt levels and reduces artery pressure.

Milk Has Nutrients That Can Reduce Blood Pressure

                Besides calcium, milk contains potassium and magnesium to regulate blood pressure (University of Utah). 

One cup of low-fat milk includes 391 mg of potassium and 30 mg of magnesium.

Drinking milk can cause slight changes in blood pressure, but it alone can't prevent high blood pressure.

Dairy Products Might Reduce Your Risk Of Hypertension

 People who ate more dairy, especially low-fat and fat-free dairy, had smaller increases in their blood pressure over time. 

A daily serving of yogurt reduced the risk of developing high blood pressure by 6%.

Full-fat dairy products don't have the same effects on blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol as was previously assumed.

According to a 2020 BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care study, two servings of whole-fat dairy may lessen metabolic syndrome risk. 

There was little difference with low-fat dairy. The study also found that total dairy consumption reduced hypertension and diabetes.

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