¿Qué es exactamente una tarifa “Wanna Get Away” del Southwest?

Todos intentamos escapar! After all, that's why we love traveling. Southwest Airlines recognized this by naming one of their tariff classes 

Wanna Get Away (or Quiero Escapar in Spanish). An intelligent name is one thing, and understanding how to distinguish

Southwest Airlines has three pricing categories: Business Select, Anytime, and Wanna Get Away, but does not offer executive class,

Although the differences are not as significant as in other airlines, Wanna Get Away's rates have some restrictions to consider.

Business Select: Southwest's best rate, offering priority boarding, more Rapid Rewards points, and a complimentary drink 

Refunding these tickets applies the funds to future Southwest Airlines trips only for the original ticket holder. No rate change is required

Anytime: Southwest's fully refundable "Y" rate. This rate lets you change your card anytime without penalty. Travels in espera (standby) 

Wanna Get Away has no basic economic rate. Pasajeros pueden registering dos maletas gratis. Clientes de tarifa Anytime continuan

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