Starbucks 2023 Holiday Cups Are Nothing Like You've Ever Seen Before

We all look forward to holiday movies, winter sports, and, of course, wonderful drinks and goodies over the holidays. Starbucks has also been 

a staple of the holidays for many years, with customers eagerly anticipating their fall Pumpkin Spice Lattes and a variety of holiday beverages

However, for die-hard Starbucks customers, the holiday cups are a huge part of the attractiveness of the chain's holiday menu. Each year, the 

company publishes new designs for both reusable and paper cups, and while the paper cups are frequently more traditional,

with holiday motifs like snowflakes, Christmas lights, and candy canes in red, green, and white, the reusables are a lot flashier.

Last year, the reusable cups were adorned with a diamond-like structure, prompting many enthusiasts to hail them

as the best holiday cups yet. This year, the well-known coffee shop has decided to boost the ante with even more dazzling designs.

Starbucks' 2023 Christmas collection is also twice as vast as last year's, with 25 pieces in gold, chrome, pink, and even color-changing

 possibilities. Here are our favorite items from the collection, which will be available at Starbucks stores soon.

These cups are similar to those available last year, but the 2023 cups have a cute matching ornament that will look great on your tree.

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