These Are The World's Best Vegan Cities

Turin, Italy

This northern Italian city is known for its lovely squares. Check out the restaurants on Piazza San Carlo.

Shanghai, China 

Work up an appetite by exploring the city's Pudong sector, which boasts some of China's most magnificent skyscrapers.

San Diego, USA 

The "birthplace of California" enjoys a pleasant year-round environment.

Munich, Germany 

While you may associate Germany with heavy, meaty cuisine, Munich has decided to broaden its offerings. Vegan bratwurst, anyone?

Hoi An, Vietnam 

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a bit more difficult to get to, but it is an old trading harbor, so their cuisine is influenced by both local and foreign cultures.

Vancouver, Canada 

This charming British Columbia harbor is well-known as one of the "greenest" cities in the world, with a food culture that promotes sustainability.

Rome, Italy 

Rome has been a culinary hotspot since antiquity. Later, during the Renaissance, several of Europe's top chefs came to work in the Vatican kitchen.

Washington, DC, United States 

DC's bustling restaurant sector includes several terrific locally born chefs.

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