10 Things What Generation X and Boomers Cherish Most of the Iconic 1980s

Before the 1980s, games like Skee ball, mazes, pinball, and baffle ball could be played in arcades.

1. Golden Age of Arcade Games

Back then, there were fewer channels to choose from, but classic comedies did well because they weren't afraid to talk about hard or important topics.

2. Classic Sitcoms

In August 1981, MTV started on cable TV with video of a shuttle launch, which was a symbol of the music and culture of the 1980s.

3. The Birth of MTV

Vince McMahon, who was a wrestler at the time, made the World Wrestling Federation, or WWF, to promote wrestling.

4. Professional Wrestling

In the 1980s, neon lights came back and made every place look like Times Square.  Neon lighting was used in ads and signs as a form of art that made the 1980s stand out.

5. Neon Lights

In the 1980s, at the end of vinyl's golden age, which began in the 1950s when it was the main way to buy music and was cheap, sales were still very good. 

6. Vinyl Records

 In the last 10 years, many bars had live bands that played covers and originals in styles like album-oriented rock (AOR), hard rock, punk rock, and all kinds of heavy metal. 

7. Live Rock Bands

Punk started in the late 1970s, but it didn't become popular until the 1980s. It wasn't just rock music, though bands like The Clash played there.  

8. Punk Scene

In the 1980s, new rock music was very exciting. After disco, electronic dance music and new wave started to become popular.

9. 1980s Music

As technology got better, platform systems like Sega, Nintendo, and Atari made it possible for people to play video games at home in the early 1980s.

10. Video Gaming At Home